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We work directly with Self Managed NDIS Participants or your Plan Manager so that your abledigitalwellness.com.au subscription fits within your NDIS Plan Budget and of course, helps you achieve your goals!
Most of our clients find that our service fits under a Social and Community Budget, so if your Plan has the capacity you’re ready to roll and if not, get in touch and we’ll discuss getting you moving with us!

Let’s get moving!

Please complete the below form, ensuring all details are as per your NDIS Plan:


When you sign up, we contact your NDIS Plan Manager (or you if you’re Self Managed) to confirm your Plan’s capacity for our support.

Once confirmed, you will receive an email with your unique access to abledigitalwellness.com.au.

We then send your Plan Manager the once-off sign-up invoice (of $350) and when paid, your welcome pack is on it’s way to you!

After that, we send an invoice every 30 days from the date you’re registered (for a minimum of 3 months from start date).